Just recently Nintendo announced its third wave of amiibo figures — and fourth if you account for the split release dates — which will add 11 toys to the range. It also emerged that some will be exclusive to specific retailers in North America, with the first example emerging as Shulk being limited to GameStop in the US.

Pre-orders for the new figures are now live on Amazon, yet it's the characters that are missing that are intriguing. Shulk is absent, unsurprisingly, and he's joined by Meta Knight, Lucario and Rosalina & Luma [Update: King Dedede is on Amazon, as spotted by Sherman in the comments, thanks!).

Meta Knight

We've looked around the major players in the US retail scene — such as Walmart, Target and Best Buy — and, at present, they're not even offering the newest range for pre-orders. If these characters are also destined to be exclusive to specific retailers, it's not clear where as yet.

It could, of course, just be an oversight on Amazon's part. If these figures are exclusive to certain stores, however, would you still be keen to hunt them down, or should all of the toys be available throughout all major retailers? Let us know what you think.

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