While we've seen some iconic brands close down over the past year in the gaming print industry, some magazines and print projects have found life by gaining support through crowdfunding platforms. One of these is RETRO Video Game Magazine, which launched last year through a successful Kickstarter campaign; it's now back to fund year two, and based on progress it seems set to continue.

With 27 days still to go, the current campaign has raised nearly $12,000 of its $20,000 goal; stretch goals include extra bonuses such as more pages per issue, posters and more. The most affordable subscription / backer tier that includes both the print and digital version of the magazine is a $30 early-bird special, though $18 must be added for those outside of the US — it's bi-monthly, so there'll be six issues in 2015 if successfully funded.

The magazine's content naturally focuses on retro games, systems and culture, though modern titles with clear old-school influences and links are also covered. You can see the pitch video below — does this magazine appeal to you?