Zaci Sas Last Stand

ZeNfA Productions has announced a demo of ZaciSa’s Last Stand is now in the hands of Nintendo, ready to be approved for the Wii U eShop. This latest news about the 2D tower defence title follows this year's July release in North America, and Patch 1.01 for the game in August that added extra content, as well as many improvements to the overall gameplay.

The demo of the game will feature 4 maps (Space Station 001, Hyperspace, Cir’ce Station, Twin Souls) and two levels of difficulty that introduce players to basics. Each map will finish after 10 levels are completed or if the enemy overwhelms the player and destroys their base. Other features including Endless mode, leaderboards and additional maps are reserved for the full version of the game now available for US$1.99, after a recent price cut. A release date for the demo version is yet to be announced, but should not be too far off.

For those in the US who are still on the fence about ZaciSa’s Last Stand and whether or not it is a worthwhile purchase, let us know if a demo of the title is what you’ve been hanging out for. Whilst the game clearly had issues on release, the experience appears to have been improved courtesy of the recent patch, and looks to have an even brighter future with a second incoming update introducing two new maps and an improved frame rate.

And for any Wii U owners in Europe wondering, the European version of the game is aiming for a late 2014 release. Keep an eye out for this exact date and more ZaciSa’s Last Stand updates in the near future.