Psyscrolr Image

North Carolina-based Actos Games, the creator of the recently announced Wii U eShop platformer psyscrolr, has released a new tutorial video series explaining how the GamePad will be utilised in the project that promises to feature strong narrative elements, epic boss battles and seamlessly integrated puzzle mechanics.

The first video of the series illustrates the simple ways the player can interact with the game world, as well as showcasing the gameplay and narration of the first level. Actos Games hopes to utilise the GamePad in a number of ways, including the use of the in-built gyro function and another feature Nintendo itself has not even utilised in a game yet (provided it can be implemented), according to the developer.

In psyscrolr, players take on the role of a young boy with psychic powers who is assisted on his journey by the Narrator, a character represented as a disembodied voice. The video series, appropriately titled SageScrolr, will premier every Friday. View the first tutorial below and let us know if this has captured your interest.