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If you follow the hardware modding community then the name Vadu Amka will be instantly familiar to you. A seasoned pro when it comes to taking existing systems and making them even more attractive, Amka has recently released another new creation: a Game Boy Advance SP which is based on the model used in promotional materials for the portable conversion of Donkey Kong Country 2 a decade ago.

Constructed from resin, sculpting clay and other materials, this case mod is pretty impractical — we're not entirely sure that D-pad would be very comfortable for an day-long 2D platforming session — but it looks amazing, and you'd even think it was the exact same unit which was used in the 2004 advertisement (which you can view at the bottom of the page). The console was recently displayed at Namur Expo’s Retro Made in Asia exhibit in Belgium, where it even came with exclusive packaging. We want one.

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Here's the original advert, for comparison's sake:

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[source tinycartridge.com, via vaduamka.com]