Fighting on the streets

Capcom's Game Boy Advance port of its classic Super Street Fighter II: Turbo arcade machine is headed to the Wii U Virtual Console. The source of this news if the good old Australian OFLC, which has recently rated the game.

Super Street Fighter II: Turbo Revival originally launched back in 2001, and is a scaled-down conversion of the coin-op classic. "The characters, moves and music that made Street Fighter II great are all present and with Arcade, Survival, Time Attack and of course the 2P VS there's plenty here to keep players occupied," is what we said when we reviewed the game. "Ultimately, despite its many strengths, Super Street Fighter II Turbo Revival is a slightly disappointing anniversary gift."

If that doesn't put you off, you can expect a full release in the not-too-distant future. Will you be picking this one up, or giving it a miss? Perform a Hyper Combo Finish in the comments section to tell us what you think.