Tappingo 2 from Goodbye Galaxy Games was expected to release in North America in today's Nintendo Download Update, but has instead been pushed back until 4th September. The delay isn't down to final checks on the game itself, but courtesy of Nintendo of America working with the developer.

Hugo Smits, the man behind Goodbye Galaxy Games, has explained that NoA advised him to delay his game to avoid being crowded out in a busy update.

The Nintendo team asked me if I wanted to delay the game. Because this week was super busy and they could help me promote the game much better next week.

The reason I’m mentioning this is because I’m just super grateful to the NoA team. They are trying to think with me, and are actively helping out to make Tappingo 2 a success.

Without them looking out for me. I would have released the game this week (without knowing about the other titles coming out). And it would probably been snowed under.

Having them behind me is a great feeling!

To tide puzzle fans over until next week's North American release, Smits has provided screens of four new puzzles that are showing off retro hardware and fellow Indie characters from the Renegade Kid and Two Tribes stables. Check them out below and let us know if you're planning to pick up Tappingo 2 next week.