Mario 64 Goomba

While most gamers have a particular title that they'll play over and over again to a borderline unhealthy degree, not many of us have the fortitude and familiarity with any game to find its deepest, darkest secrets. Some do just that, however, often sharing their ultimately fascinating discoveries with the rest of us.

One example is pannenkoek2012 on YouTube, with his entire channel pretty much devoted to Super Mario 64, in which he exploits glitches and — sometimes — hacks to do the strangest things with the classic game. One particularly intriguing discovery came to a close a couple of weeks ago — thanks Kotaku — in which he attempted and failed to kill the Mystery Goomba.

To give a brief history lesson, this so called Mystery Goomba was found in the Bowser in the Sky stage; as Goombas always spawn in triangles in the game, no doubt to accommodate technical limitations, there is a point where one was missing. Naturally pannenkoek2012 decided to try and get sight of this disappeared Goomba and then stomp it to claim its coin; the two videos below follow that process and explain the technicalities rather well.

It's a tough challenge, but somebody has to take it on.