We're seeing a number of simplistic but potentially snappy titles coming to the Wii U eShop, and another that may fit that description is Shapes of Gray from Secret Tunnel Entertainment. It's a title with a simple aesthetic and quickfire challenges.

This has already been released on PC, though the studio's Trent Steen has said the following regarding the release, and what he aims to add for the Wii U version.

For example, one level might pit your gray blob against two highly-explosive circles and an almighty square, who can only be defeated by slashing the weak point on his back. You could take care the two circles separately and then maneuver around to the square's backside — but with only a few seconds to clear the level, wouldn't it be smarter (and faster!) to bat one of the circles into the square to destroy him in the ensuing explosion?

The Wii U version will greatly expand on the quite small original game with new modes, levels, and unlockables — think of the step up from the original flash Meat Boy to the full-sized Super Meat Boy. Of course, there will be off-TV GamePad play and Miiverse support as well.

You can see some screens and a trailer below, with this one targeting an early 2015 arrival — let us know what you think.