You've got it the wrong way around, Shiggsy

The Wii U's commercial struggles and the massive rise in popularity of smart devices has seen many within the industry predict that Nintendo will go multi-platform sooner rather than later, but Shigeru Miyamoto has poured a large bucket of cold water all over such prophecies in a recent interview with EDGE magazine.

Miyamoto is a massive advocate of hardware leading software and insists that truly amazing games can only be created on systems which have a dedicated focus on interactive entertainment:

We want to create, and they want to experience, something unprecedented all the time. For us to meet these goals, we need dedicated hardware that is designed to cater to the needs of these avid gamers. People might say that software is software. No. A unique software experience can always be realized with unique hardware that has a unique interface. That is why I believe Nintendo is, and will be, sticking to these dedicated gaming machines.

However, having totally unique hardware can sometimes backfire. In the same interview, Miyamoto addressed issues with the Wii U and its somewhat divisive GamePad controller. While there's clearly a lot of untapped potential in the dual-screen approach, some of the console's critics have pointed out that it's hard to concentrate on two displays at the same time, and this is partly to blame for the console's lack of success at retail.

While he's willing to admit it could be seen as a "weak point", Miyamoto is adamant that the concept will prove itself eventually:

Of course we had some concerns. After all, we're human beings: our eyes cannot see two objects at the same time. But we were sure that, even with that kind of, say, weak point, we would be able to make something unprecedented and revolutionary.

Are you happy that Nintendo is sticking with unique hardware, or are you of the opinion that by releasing their games on other systems, the company could become even more successful? Do you see the Wii U's GamePad as a "weak point"? Let us know by posting a comment.

Image credit: EDGE