As you may have seen, Nintendo has served up a 26 minute Hyrule Warriors Direct, which provided some useful localised information ahead of its September release in the West. A variety of details were given, some integral to gameplay and others simply a bit of fun.

Pleasingly, we saw more of the character levelling and progression mechanics for Hyrule Warriors. Battles naturally level you up, and sometimes enemies will drop items — you use these to craft badges. Badges are then used to boost weapons on the item tree, improving combos — which seem to be tapping Y repeatedly — and extending abilities such as Focus Spirit time.

Badge Market

New weapons will become available with progress, with a humorous example being Chain Chomp, which Link was shown swinging around with merry abandon. Various weapons have different 'skills', which may improve the odds of finding hearts, increase attack damage and more.

Oh, and Bombchus feature, and they're massive, no doubt used for blowing up troublesome walls.

The badge mechanic seems like a neat levelling system, while various Zelda references like Skulltulas are also welcome. Let us know what you think of the details revealed in the Nintendo Direct.