Don't Touch Red

Helix Games founder Bailey Earley has recently conducted an interview on Miiverse with user Folkloner, providing some details on the studio's upcoming Wii U eShop release Don't Touch Anything Red, as well as explaining some of the company's future plans. There are some interesting ideas, should they get off the ground.

First of all, Don't Touch Anything Red — a simplistic runner with co-op and competitive multiplayer also included — is set to arrive in September in North America for $1.79, and should arrive "even sooner" in Europe.

In terms of future projects, the New Zealand-based studio is planning to launch a Kickstarter campaign for Altered, which was given the following description:

Yes, "Altered" will be on the Wii U, but we're also targetting[sic] the 3DS and Steam.

"Altered" will be a 2D stealth/action game where you can control physics in order to infiltrate different organisations to steal data, which you can then sell for upgrades. There will be a Story Mode, Mercenary Mode, and a local Multiplayer Mode.

Perhaps the most intriguing — and ambitious — plans from the studio are to release a media player for Wii U, to allow streaming of video and music; whether this project can get off the ground is certainly in doubt, but it'd help fill a gap in the system's capabilities.

Well, I can't speak too much about how it will work as even we don't fully know what he Wii U can do, but it seems like you should be able stream content from your PC over LAN.

I can't give a release estimate, but it will launch for under $5.

...Music is even easier! There will even be ways to play with the media, such as speeding up or changing the pitch, just in case you don't think Eminem can rap fast enough.

They're bold plans, certainly. You can see a trailer for Don't Touch Anything Red below, but let us know what you think of the Altered game concept and, of course, the prospect of a media player for Wii U.