Co D Black Ops2


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Original Article:

Though the latest entry in the Call of Duty Series — Advanced Warfare — is yet to be confirmed for Wii U, there's still a small but dedicated group of players seemingly enjoying the franchise on Nintendo's system. For those that still gear up for some online matches in Call of Duty: Black Ops II, this week also brought a surprise treat with the Nuketown 2025 map being added for free.

We say treat, but the map had already been available to purchase or as a pre-order freebie on other systems, so it was a long time coming. The Wii U version has had the occasional free map but, unsurprisingly, has been lagging far behind the 360 and PS3 entries, likewise in the more recent Call of Duty: Ghosts. There may be another map coming to keep the band of Black Ops II soldiers interested, however, as Die Rise has popped up on the map select screen but can't actually be chosen. Released in early 2013 on rival systems, this takes place between multiple skyscrapers in Shanghai, China; it's a zombie map.

The occasional arrival of these maps is arguably a little odd, though free content is always welcome — even when it's very late; we're yet to see whether this inclusion of the un-selectable map is an accident or precursor to its inclusion.

As for Advanced Warfare, we'll have to see whether it follows the trend set by its predecessors and gets a late release confirmation for Wii U; we should know in the next month or two.

Thanks to undead_terror and Ryan Millar for the tip.