Now you know what Tails's goggles are for.

UPDATE: This pre-order bonus only seems to apply to the US Amazon shop for now. We will update again if this changes.

Step right up, my long-faced friend. Why, I know exactly what you're thinking: "My hedgehog! It spins, speeds, dives, dashes, slices, races, and saves the world but oh, woe is me why doesn't my hedgehog GLOW?"

Chin up, chum; I've got just the solution to put the lustre in your erinaceid! All you gotta do is pre-arrange your order of the all new Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric on Amazon and an amazing luminous costume pack will be yours!

No longer will you have to suffer the slings and embarrassments of having an animal that is merely blue and talks. With added luminosity, you can light up the night! You can be the centerpiece at raving soirees that you've always wanted to be! And you will never, ever, lose your hedgehog behind the couch again! Stop having a boring hedgehog! Stop having a boring life!

And that's not all! Pre-order before the November release date and we will double your order, lighting up TWO hedgehogs for the price of one! We will also include luminescence for your fox and echidna, and don't forget that every copy of Sonic Boom already comes with a feral badger child as our gift to you!

(Please take her. She chews on everything.)

Are you taking a shine to this brighter option in the Wii U version of Sonic Boom? Let us know.