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Bayonetta 2 arrives in Western territories this October, and we think you should be excited about it. It's impressed us a great deal so far, with fast-paced action, gorgeous visuals and a soundtrack that pushes you onwards.

It's great news — if you're in Japan — that the soundtrack is all set for a full release in the country. Pre-orders have been spotted for a 5-disc album for release on 29th October, joining similar epics from other projects involving PlatinumGames or its team in the Capcom years. As a physical release it'll be pricey, however, with its listing pegging it at 5142 Yen, which is roughly $50 / £30 — for five discs, however, that's not actually that bad.

Whether it'll make it to the West is another issue — Sega’s label Wavemaster is publishing, and we'd like to think that download avenues such as iTunes will be explored.

You can hear some of the terrific soundtrack in the footage below; find a pair of headphones and enjoy.

Thanks to Ryan Millar for the tip.

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