Fatal Frame IV

Earlier this year it was announced that a new Fatal Frame / Project Zero title is coming to the Wii U, which is pleasing news for fans of the horror franchise. The series has a slightly patchy release history in the West, however, with Project Zero 2: Wii Edition coming to Europe but not North America, the fourth title Zero: Tsukihami no Kamen being Japan-only on Wii and some main entries in the series skipping Nintendo hardware entirely.

Nintendo has, nevertheless, worked with Tecmo to gradually increase the popularity of the franchise in the West, and is partnering with the developer for the latest Fatal Frame / Zero title; Nintendo has now used its official Twitter feed to advise that there'll be a media broadcast at 1:30pm on 17th July.

It'll be live streamed via NicoNico, and is loosely translated as a 'media mix' that looks set to feature the game along with details on the film, manga and novel that are also on the way. There'll be guests from Nintendo, including Shigeru Miyamoto, along with senior speakers from Koei Tecmo. We're hopeful that the broadcast will be visible outside of Japan via the streaming page — that'll be at 9:30pm Pacific / 12:30am Eastern / 5:30am UK / 6:30am CET.

With the potential use of the GamePad for hunting ghosts, this does seem like a title that could help to fill out the Wii U library worldwide, with horror experiences rare on the system. Even with this broadcast being focused on Japan, we'll hopefully learn more on how this one is shaping up.