Bravely Second City

After receiving critical acclaim and over one million units sold, Bravely Default set a solid benchmark for JRPGs on 3DS. It’s safe to say that its sequel, Bravely Second, has a tremendous amount to live up to.

To please its fans and keep them salivating, Square Enix has revealed information regarding its upcoming instalment, including a new environment to explore as well as pictures showing a variety of semi-newcomer Magnolia Arch’s job outfits.

The new city – as pictured above – is called Gathlatio, which marks the start of the path towards the Temple of Earth. Little is known so far about the location, but its largely vertical layout suggests that we may very well see the same pseudo-2D town exploration system from the previous game.

Be sure to cast your eyes over Magnolia Arch’s new striking design choices below and voice your fashionista opinions.

Fashion 1
Fashion 2
Fashion 3