We can expect Bayonetta 2 to get plenty of attention and marketing from Nintendo ahead of its October arrival, with the Platinum Games exclusive joining Hyrule Warriors as an action game catered to those that prefer quick button taps to cerebral, relaxing experiences.

One aspect certainly deserving praise is the visual performance of this sequel, with Platinum clearly improving its engine and making good use of the Wii U's capabilities. When compared side-by-side with the original Bayonetta's Wii U port, it's a clear visual upgrade. The envionments help with that, naturally, and the title's lead environmental artist — Hiroki Onishi — has shared details on his trips to Belgium and Italy, and how they influenced the art in the game; there are some impressive results.

Below are some lovely comparison shots that show how locations inspired equivalents in the game world.

The Belgium Palace
In game

Church of Our Lady
In game

In game

In game

Onishi-san ended with a nice message on how travelling is important to him, both for his work and personal life.

Going abroad provides new experiences, information, and teaches you to view things in a broader, different way than before. Even outside of work, I still make an effort to travel abroad every year. If anything, just because I learn so much from it.

Are you looking forward to Bayonetta 2 and the world it'll create? Let us know.

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