Nintendo and Koei Tecmo really are putting their all into promoting Hyrule Warriors in Japan. This morning we had the Niconico broadcast telling everyone to expect a Hyrule Warriors Nintendo Direct from Nintendo of America next week, and now it's been revealed that there'll be yet another Niconico live stream tomorrow — Friday 1st August — that'll focus on content from Twilight Princess.

Nintendo seems to be putting a lot of faith in this game and is clearly making it as apparent to everyone as possible. The fusion of both the Dynasty Warriors and Zelda franchises will likely draw fans from both series into one huge – possibly gelatinous – amalgamation in order to further the Wii U's hold on the Japanese gaming public.

To accompany this development, the fans have been gifted a brand new TV trailer to enjoy, which you can see below. It's in Japanese but that shouldn't stop anyone from enjoying the pretty colours.

Tomorrow's broadcast will take place on 1st August at 8:30pm in Japan, which is 4:30am Pacific / 7:30am Eastern / 12:30pm UK and 1:30pm CET. The stream is hosted by Niconico and you can find it by clicking here at the correct time.