Ice Cream Surfer 01

You love ice cream and hate broccoli. This is a classic childhood scenario at its best. And now – gamers will be able to fight for their love of their favourite desert in the upcoming Wii U eShop title – Ice Cream Surfer.

According to recently spotted rating listings on PEGI and the USK, Barcelona based studio Dolores Entertainment is bringing its PC and iOS game to the Wii U eShop in the near future.

The title is a 16-bit side-scrolling shooter, which sees players travelling through a sweet and savoury universe fighting an evil broccoli and his army of vegetables.

Ice Cream Surfer offers five characters to select from including; Ace, Sailor Twister, Super Cream, Rei Tou and Hima – each with their own special abilities. In addition to this, there’ll be “epic bosses” to fight at the end of each world.

While we wait for the official announcement and release date, check out the trailer of the original game below to get an idea of what to expect: