The wait is a little bit longer

WaterMelon's rebooted 16-bit RPG Pier Solar and the Great Architects HD was due for release earlier this year, but the developer has now revealed that a last-minute snag in the certification process has resulted in a minor delay.

Apparently it's Microsoft which is kicking up a stink — it rejected the game due to "internal requirements". Rather than stagger the launch, WaterMelon is now holding back all versions of the game (that's over 10 iterations) until such requirements have been met. According to the studio, the fixes are minor and shouldn't take long to action.

It's not all bad news, though — to make the additional wait a little more bearable, WaterMelon has gone into detail regarding some of the bonus features which have been skilfully worked in the HD remaster. A new ending has been confirmed — and the possibility of secret endings teased — and the save system has been reworked to make it more agreeable. Graphical filters also make the cut, as do built-in achievements for the Wii U edition of the game.

WaterMelon will announce the new release date once all versions of the game are approved.

Thanks to Ryan Millar for the tip.