MK8 Happy Meal

In recent times we've been marvelling at Nintendo's entries into the McDonald's Happy Meal scene, even going so far as to unbox the recent Super Mario toys in the UK. They were fairly generic franchise toys, but it's all about to get real in the U.S. with the emergence of the Mario Kart 8 toys pictured above.

As you can see we have Mario, Peach, Luigi — is that a death stare? — Donkey Kong, Bowser, Toad and Yoshi all rocking various vehicle customisations. There's a rather neat visor hat, too, while these toys will also work with the McPlay smart device app.

Toys typically rotate on a fortnightly or monthly basis and these are down as the 'Next Happy Meal', so these may arrive in early July. We have little doubt that Nintendo of America will issue a press release once the release date is pinned down.

Will you be stuffing your faces with McDonald's and collecting them all? Let us know.