Doing what they do best

One of our time's greatest mysteries has finally been solved: When in the blue-suited, top-hatted blazes will Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney finally make it to North America!?

The answer, dear friends, came following the Nintendo Digital Event. North American puzzle-lovers can look forward to Level-5 and Capcom's cross-collaboration on 29th August. You might want to try tying up any loose cases or Azran legacies before then.

The E3 trailer for the game can be viewed below. Some might find a contradiction in it; notably that some of the voice actors commonly known to North American players are not used. Whether this means the more familiar voices will not make it to the final product is yet to be known.

Regardless, we considered this meeting of gentlemanly minds an "utterly charming, enjoyable experience" in our review. Do you plan on picking this crossover up over the summer?