With release dates set and excitement reaching a fever pitch for Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, new Mega Evolutions have been teased in the form of some brutish looking final forms for the Hoenn starters and legendaries. More are surely set to come, and the first hint of this was released today.

Mega Sableye has been confirmed, though clearly hasn't been hitting the gym quite as much as Swampert has. It's a more reserved transformation, though the addition of a giant, shield-like ruby is a striking new feature.

The trailer can be viewed right below, showcasing the ghostly 'mon spooking up the mega-evolved starters in a series of brief clips. Cowering behind the crystal may not seem like a winning tactic, but that's just exactly what a dark-type Pokémon would WANT you to think!

Take a look for yourself and give us your opinion. Any other favourites you're hoping get the chance to mega-evolve this time around?