Etrian Tease

How would you like a new Etrian Odyssey game? You would? Well, it looks like Atlus has made your day.

The publisher has launched a new teaser site with the tagline "this is not broccoli". It's rather quirky as it makes you click up to 10,000 meters of a tree, introducing three logos at intervals as you make your way up; at the end you see the final logo above. The 2 has some people speculating that it's Untold 2, but no-one truly knows.

Of course, every previous entry in the franchise has been released on DS or 3DS, so there's pretty high odds of another delicious RPG on the way to Nintendo's handheld. Unless Atlus does a Square Enix and moves a beloved franchise to smart devices, in which case pitchforks and flaming torches may be required.

We'll keep an eye on the teaser site to see what happens. Are you excited?

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