MK8 Lightning Ad

It's the opinion of some, including this writer, that Nintendo's renewed focus on seizing attention in the face of tougher times has reminded the company of key parts of its identity. After bland lifestyle adverts in the Wii and DS era as Nintendo merely needed to release something to make big bucks, we're now seeing the company shake up its advertising to actively grab attention. It's getting weird again.

The company is certainly using humour and wackiness again to sell its games, with recent Nintendo Direct broadcasts for Mario Kart 8 and Tomodachi Life being excellent examples. The range of TV adverts airing in North America for the former certainly qualify as fairly imaginative, quirky efforts, with each having a brief 'real-life' recreation of a feature from the upcoming Wii U title. With fun effects and a silly voice-over saying that the game's been "insanely tested for flippin' fun", these are certainly getting the message across.

The latest commercial covers the Lightning Bolt item. You can guess where this is going...