Can you tailcopter a bit faster, please?

Sonic Boom made a lot of noise when it was announced in February, but little more than a few peeps have been heard since. Producer Stephen Frost took to the forums of fansite Sonic Stadium to explain the drought in new information.

According to Frost, much of the radio silence has come from working alongside the schedules of other parts of the coming Sonic Boom franchise:

I’ve said it a few times in the past, but there were key reasons why we announced the Sonic Boom initiative when we did. Along with that, there are a lot of partners involved with Sonic Boom so we have to be mindful of their timelines and requirements for their respective fields. It’s not just about a game anymore… This is a large group effort so any announcements and information shared publicly needs to really be planned and organized carefully. We need to make sure that things we reveal don’t impact other parts and vice versa.

It would be foolish to keep a lid on things during E3, however, and it appears all lines have been aligned to open access to more information at that time. After then, Frost said, a more steady stream of communication should become available:

We still have a ways until the cartoon and game launch, as well as the new toy line, so we need to pace all the info appropriately. And it all starts as we head into E3. You’ll learn more, for sure, but not everything. And the reveal of new assets and info should be more frequent from that point on. But trust me when I say there is no lack of effort by anyone involved with Sonic Boom. This is, by far, the biggest united effort I have personally ever seen Sega be involved in. We want to share everything with everyone because we are so excited… We just can’t… Yet.

Frost asked for continued patience until June, but teased a few potential rewards for those who wait:

I'm working on screens and commenting on releases so stuff is coming. We will even have a bit of a surprise in there for you, as well as the first info and assets for the 3DS version. There is quite a bit of cool stuff ahead so hang in there.

The toyetic dealings surrounding Sonic Boom are not common to most game series, at least right from the beginning, and it will be interesting to see how everything may be planned to tie together. Are you eager to hear more rumblings about Sonic Boom? Let us know.