HTR High Tech Racing

In summer 2013 we told you about HTR High Tech Racing, which aims to recreate Scalextric-style fun on the 3DS eShop. It's not a concept that's particularly common in the video game market, which may mean it'll be unique and fun enough to grab the attention of download game fans.

There's a '+' version approaching release on PC and Mac, with the original being a smart device game, but this 3DS iteration will be utilising assets and aspects of improvements from that PC build. Developer QUByte Interactive has been in touch with a heads up on a new target release window, too, with plans to submit to Nintendo for approval around August this year.

You can see the previously published run-down of features below, including the neat touch of being able to create tracks and download those created on other platforms:

  • More than 240 possible car configurations
  • 18 tracks in 3 different difficulty levels
  • Quickrace mode for casual gaming
  • Intuitive Track Editor
  • Online records
  • Simple controls simply slide to control your acceleration
  • Several challenging tracks with loops, jumps, crossroads, narrows and high and low speed curves
  • More than 65,000 tracks available for download (tracks will be compatible with the tracks made in other versions of the game)

Will you be looking out for this one later in the year? Below is the latest trailer for the PC version to tide you over until then.