Mk 1 Stplace

There’s an argument in many households all around the world over who is really better at Mario Kart. With the upcoming release of Mario Kart 8, this domestic contest is only going to get hotter. To help settle the debate once and for all, Family Gamer TV has set-up its own Mario Kart 8 Family Championships.

Four families are needed to enter this friendly competition and prove themselves top of the Mario Kart pops. Each family will be filmed in their heats and the winner will go through to the grand final. While the joy of winning should be more than enough reward, there are some rather fantastic (and heavy) physical Mario Kart trophies for the top three places.

Taken from Mario Kart 7, the trophies on offer are the turtle-inspired Shell cup, the huge Leaf cup and royal-styled Special cup. Just be warned, you may need a reinforced shelf to store them on, as these things are substantial and heavy.

To take part, send an email to [email protected] and express your interest in taking part. The competition is only available to UK residents.

Family Gamer TV will publish each of the rounds in the coming weeks, culminating in the grand final, complete with a full F1 commentary from Team VVV's Alan Boiston. Fancy your chances, or do you know another family who could? Share this news with them and the UK will be one step closer to finding its best Mario Kart-playing family.