Ready for a reboot?

The million-selling Prince of Persia series has been uncharacteristically quiet of late, leading many to speculate that Ubisoft has mothballed the famous franchise. However, if rumours are to be believed, the Prince will be making his return sooner than you might expect.

According to French website Le Portail du Jeu Video, a new game is in development which makes use of the excellent UbiArt Framework — the same tech which powers Rayman Legends and Child of Light.

The site states that the title character will be comprised of different 2D "limbs" which can be animated independently of one another to give a realistic impression of movement. The technique is incredibly "fluid" in motion, according to the report.

When pressed for comment on the rumour, Ubisoft told Videogamer that it "does not comment on rumours or speculation".

If a new Prince of Persia game was currently in development — and used the UbiArt engine — then it would stand an excellent chance of eventually making its way to the Wii U. Would you be excited about such a prospect? Or do you think the Prince deserves to star in a full-3D, Triple-A blockbuster? Let us know posting a comment below.