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Bandai Namco Games Europe has announced the upcoming release of Tenkai Knights: Brave Battle for Nintendo 3DS.

The game is based on the anime series and Ionix toy line currently seeing success in the US and Japanese markets; Europeans will also be getting these through Spin Master and Viz Media, respectively.

The game will follow essentially the same plot as the show, with the four heroes — and their colour-coded mechs — pitted against would-be world destroyer Vilius and his Corrupted Army. Robots can be outfitted with over 100 customization parts to give them the edge in battle, a particularly useful boon when tackling the game's two multiplayer modes. Mission Mode has a cooperative option for two friends, while Versus Mode allows up to four players to throw down in a fight for robo-supremacy.

Tenkai Knights: Brave Battle will be coming to European shores later in the year. Is its brand of rootin' tootin' robo-shootin' up your alley? Will you be checking out the anime series and toy line to see what the buzz is about? You know what to do — post a comment to tell us.