Road Redemption

Some of you Wii U eShop download fans with decent memories may still be looking forward to Road Redemption, a title coming to Wii U and PC that immediately brings to mind the Road Rash series, with the original crowdfunding campaign even citing the iconic bike racing series. We say racing, but in truth our younger selves rather enjoyed the over-the-top combat.

With its planned PC release in August — Wii U will come afterwards — developer DarkSeas Games has been occasionally releasing footage to show the work in progress. There was new footage in January that was surprising, as the zoomed-in close combat of the concept screens was cast away in favour of a zoomed out view, gun battles and what seemed like some wonky physics. It was footage of an early build, of course, but it was underwhelming; the footage in question has since been removed from YouTube.

We now have updated footage, and it's looking a little better. The camera angle has been noticeably zoomed in, and the physical close-quarter combat is on show — some poor individual called Jason Tate is battered off his bike repeatedly. Check it out below.

The official website for the game, meanwhile, emphasizes the following features:

  • Take your gang on an epic journey across the United States
  • Seamless, procedurally generated world, that's different every time you play
  • Tons of weapons including swords, chains, cattle prods, grenades, shotguns, and many many more
  • Earn money, new gear, and equipment to improve your character
  • Battle enemy gangs, cops, and the military, all with state of the art AI
  • Local splitscreen and online multiplayer play

Though still a work in progress, this latest footage does renew some of our optimism for this one. Let us know what you think in the comments below.