Hometown Story, the charming 3DS title from Yasuhiro Wada — best known for the Harvest Moon series — and his team at Toybox arrived in North America last October, with Europe having to wait a little longer for its own localisation. Rising Star Games is handling the release in the latter territory, and after previous targets of an April release the final word has finally been given on its arrival in the region.

Everybody Plays has had a recent look at the game and stated that a 2nd May release has been lined up. We've been in touch with Rising Star Games to confirm that date, and have also been provided with details of improvements that have been made since the North American release; the publisher's Tyrone Walcott has told us the following:

Hometown Story is nearly here and I’m happy to say we (Rising Star Games) have been paying attention to the feedback from the US release. Wada-san and Rising Star Games expressed a desire to rectify these issues for the European version of Hometown Story which have now been achieved. As the European version had a longer development time due to translations we utilised this extra period to give Wada-san (Toybox) the opportunity to make these enhancements.

Hometown Story Enhancements:

Faster pacing of story development – This was one of the main issues with reviewers and this has been fully corrected to give a more meaningful experience to the player

Shop mechanics – more fun frantic pacing just like a real shop

NPC’s reactions – NPC shoppers and residents react to changes straight away i.e. Shopkeeper’s fulfilment of customer requests responded to straight away by NPC’s

We’re also pleased to announce that the addition of fishing as an extra activity in Hometown Story has also been included. With all these enhancements added together I’m happy to say this will be THE definitive release of Wada-san’s latest creation: Hometown Story.

Some brand new screens are also below for your viewing pleasure. Is this a title that's of interest to any of you European gamers this May?

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