Not Adventure. Not Howdy Doody.

[UPDATE 2: MonkeyPaw Games has now confirmed that the WiiWare version of the game will not be receiving the discount.]

[UPDATE: As of the posting of this article, the discount has not appeared on the Wii Shop Channel. However, a representative of MonkeyPaw Games has said via email that the price drop should also apply to the WiiWare version. The new price may come with regular Thursday updates of the shops.]

In a world full of ups and downs, joys and sorrows, Kobe beef and pathetically shriveled little vegetable patties, people found solace in the fact that there would always, at least, be BurgerTime. Unfortunately, that time is soon drawing to a close; at least for BurgerTime World Tour on WiiWare.

According to an announcement from publisher MonkeyPaw Games, all digital formats of BurgerTime World Tour will be taken down 30th April due to an expiring property license:

It’s never easy when we need to take a game down and it is something we strive to keep up as long as possible and extend. The thing is, when working with classic franchises and retro games, it’s not always possible due to contracts and licensing.

Anyone who wants to grab World Tour before the grills shut down can pick it up through the Wii Shop Channel for half off, or 500 points, and everyone who owns the game should be able to keep right on burgering after the game is removed from the store. We didn't find it particularly palatable in our review, but the reduced price might add that extra bit of seasoning.

Did you pick up BurgerTime World Tour or are thinking of doing so? Feel free to share your thoughts on it below.