Kubi and friends will soon be making a return in their upcoming 3DS eShop title, Bit Boy!! Arcade. According to a software listing on Nintendo’s website, the eShop action game will be available from 17th April onwards in North America, with a European release expected shortly after.

The game tracks the adventures of Kubi and friends as they have encounters with the evil black Shadow Plattchen, the mighty gearwheel ZeLeLi, and get to know the world of game development a little more.

Unique features within Bit Boy!! Arcade include playing the game faster for a higher score, graphical evolution in every world, a quick run mode, 50 achievements, 200 different phases, more than 1,400 Pixel Friends to rescue, reviving over 4,200 PixelFlies, an optional easy mode, and over one hour of music and voice acting.

Let us know if you're interested in this upcoming 3DS eShop title.

[source nintendoeverything.com, via bitboy.bplus.at]