No shirts, no shoes

YouTube channel Cinefix is devoted to putting a retro gaming spin on famous Hollywood movies, and previous efforts have included Inception, The Hunger Games and The Dark Knight. The most recent offering adds pixels to David Fincher's 1999 cult classic Fight Club, with Sega's Streets of Rage and Capcom's Final Fight providing plenty of 2D inspiration.

Despite the (intentionally) rough nature of the presentation, all of the key scenes from the delightfully subversive film are present and correct — from the Narrator's first clumsy brawl with Tyler Durden outside Lou's Tavern to the explosive conclusion at the end — a scene which uses a button sequence tapped out on a SNES joypad. Amazingly, the "Stealing Fat" and "Power Animal" scenes also make the cut, appearing as bonus mini-games amid the bloody scrapping. It's certainly more faithful to the film than the terrible 2004 PlayStation 2 and Xbox tie-in.