The harsh reality is there are plenty of Wii U's out there that need loving players. A number remain boxed on store shelves, but that doesn't mean the ones that have found their ways back to Nintendo's doorstep should be ignored.

For a one-time donation of $200 (plus tax and shipping, if applicable), you can invite one of these used but guaranteed fully functional units into your home via Nintendo of America's online store. Each refurbished Wii U is capable of internally storing up to 32 GB of love and memories and also includes a physical copy of Nintendo Land. Wii Remotes and Controllers are not included, but each Wii U qualifies for the Deluxe Digital Promotion because they still try just as hard as the brand new ones!

This latest reduction in price takes another $25 off the already reduced price of refurbished Wii U Deluxe units, but it is unclear how long this price point may last.

So look into the GamePad of one of these refurbished Wii U systems and see the mixture of hope and potential within it (it is probably the hope and potential within your own face, as the GamePad is likely off and just reflecting you back at yourself). Will you consider adopting a refurbished system today?

Thanks to Ntabruzzo for the tip!