Pete's bringing sexy back

Former Bullfrog and Lionhead boss Peter Molyneux has had plenty to say about Nintendo over the past few years, which is striking when you consider that he hasn't released a game on a Nintendo platform in quite some time.

He has previously been critical of the Wii U, and even suggested that Nintendo's hardware gets in the way of its brilliance. He has also stated that the Japanese firm should bring Mario to the iPad.

Speaking to IGN, the famous British games designer — who can list the likes of Populous, Powermonger and Fable on his CV — voiced his concern that Nintendo has lost its way with the Wii U, but should never be seen as a spent force:

The problem with Nintendo is that they did a fantastic job of finding these millions of new players with the Wii, and the Wii U kind of does that but tries to bring in existing gamers as well, so I think they may have lost their way a bit. But they're super smart people - never underestimate Nintendo. They're probably one hardware release away from something that utterly convinces us that they know exactly what the future of gaming should be, so I wouldn't deign to give them advice.

Of course, "one hardware release away" could mean a few more years of struggles with the Wii U, and Molyneux feels that part of the problem is that the system just isn't "sexy" enough:

I do find the Wii U [GamePad] big, I find it clunky...certainly, it's not a sexy piece of hardware, and I'm used to sexy pieces of hardware — that has nothing to do with the shape of the Wii controller! [smiles] There are sexy pieces of hardware from Nintendo.

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Image credit: GameSpot