No late night Mario Kart 7 for you, erm, Mario

If you're the kind of 3DS owner that likes to relax late at night with a few chaotic races of Mario Kart 7 or some team-based ghost hunts in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon then, be warned, your routine may be disrupted today / tomorrow.

Those in North America will see some disruption to online play on the 3DS late tonight, while in Europe the impact will be on those up very early, with extended maintenance on the way. Details with the European and North American times are below.

From (approx.) Monday, 24 March 2014 10pm Pacific / 1am Eastern (25/03) / 5am UK (25/03) / 6am CET (25/03)
to Tuesday, 25 March 1am Pacific / 4am Eastern / 8am UK / 9am CET.
Affected services:
Nintendo 3DS

  • Online Play, Rankings etc.

It's not earth-shattering maintenance and we imagine won't affect most. Based on previous extended maintenance sessions that have made little perceived difference, we suspect this may be a little bit of extra behind-the-scenes work to improve stability and performance. So, you'll have to play something else online late tonight / early tomorrow.

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