Japanese 3DS users are now able to get their hands on a demo of GameCenter CX 3, perhaps better known outside Japan as the latest game in the Retro Game Challenge series.

The demo's a short slice of the story mode, with your chosen character (male or female) bumping into a youthful Arino back in a little 80's shop and eventually making your way through the decade, playing a variety of games across a range of nostalgic locations from toys shops to bedrooms.

The demo itself has just one game to play: Roomie and the Magic Broom. For those that might remember such games, it looks like Ptolemy from Taito's arcade classic The Fairyland Story has invaded a game of action-puzzle-platformer Lode Runner. Roomie has five regular stages as well as a bonus round at the end, and once you've gone through that the demo kicks you out to the title screen — not even saving your name, never mind your progress.

Based on previous entries we're sure the final game will be a nostalgic blast that's well worth playing, but if we're honest there’s little in this slim demo that will convince people who aren't already fans of the games or the TV show to pick up the final game. The video below shows the demo in its entirety; hug a NES pad while you watch and then let us know what you think in the comments section below.