Xenoblade Art

For a Wii game released in 2012 in North America (2011 in Europe), Xenoblade Chronicles has shown an impressive ability to remain relevant to enthusiastic Nintendo gamers. Its limited run in Nintendo of America's domain took on a controversial tone when retailer GameStop began charging $89.99 for copies, while there were even accusations that 'second-hand' stock was being topped up with reprints — that wasn't definitively proven.

Due to its limited numbers in the region, however, it's remained a high-price item, so gamers in Canada may be interested to know that new copies of the game are back in stock at videogamesplus.ca. It's coming at a premium price, but not on the level that GameStop demanded — its price is $69.99CAD, which is roughly $63USD. Considering the fact that stock is pretty rare for this sought after title, gamers in the region are sure to be tempted; shipping to the U.S. is an option and adds $4.99CAD to the price.

We're big fans of this title, awarding 9/10 in our review. Are any of you in North America, particularly Canada, tempted by this?

[source neogaf.com]