Miiverse Smile

Nintendo's bespoke Miiverse social network — on Wii U, 3DS, web browsers and with future plans for smart devices — has evolved a fair bit since its début with the Wii U launch in November 2012. As it's a web-based service it can be easily updated without down time or the need for gamers to download updates; as a result small changes happen on a fairly regular basis.

That's the case once again, with some more useful tweaks being made to improve the user experience. Below are the details as posted on Miiverse itself.

1 - All versions
You can now follow/unfollow other users directly from the Followers page, and no longer need to open their profile first.

2 - All versions
From now on, when posting in an area where it's not possible to attach screenshots, an icon of a screenshot with an X will be displayed. (Up until now, the screenshot icon was simply not displayed.)

3 - Wii U version only
We have added an icon below posted videos to play them in high quality. Note that if there is no HQ version available, this will just play the videos in normal quality.

The follow / unfollow change is welcome, especially as its a good way to keep up with other Nintendo gamers when Friend Lists are full, while high quality videos are always a nice bonus.

So there you have it, Miiverse has once again become that little bit better. Are you still enjoying Nintendo's social network?

[source miiverse.nintendo.net]