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The NPD results, which reflect physical retails sales in the U.S., have been revealed for January. And by revealed, we mean a rather minimal amount of data from all parties concerned. Some information has emerged, however, and what's not said is as indicative as the figures actually provided.

In terms of hardware, no firm numbers have been provided for either 3DS or Wii U. Browsing NeoGaf for long enough will likely bring up speculative numbers, but neither Nintendo nor NPD have announced anything formal. Microsoft and Sony have also held back from giving firm numbers, though the PS4 did — according to Sony — sell nearly double the numbers of Xbox One. No firm numbers are given by any of the three major players, as they all opt for statistics and hints.

The software top 10 represents the rather typical fare, and Nintendo versions of multi-platform games are the worst selling of home console versions, though still come above Vita and PC versions where applicable. Nintendo, while quiet on hardware numbers, did highlight some ongoing software successes, with overall sales for its games up 16% over January last year. The following numbers were given; all are for U.S. only:

Some relatively pleasing numbers for key software titles, at least, with a number of titles passing one million sales through 2013, too.

The absence of hardware numbers is perhaps no surprise, with major releases still to come on both systems; January sure was quiet on the games front.

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