Nice try

Let's face it, we all want to see Star Fox on Wii U — Nintendo's famous space battle series is crying out for a fresh sequel, and nothing would give us more pleasure than seeing Fox McCloud and his team dog-fighting in glorious HD.

However, this longing for a new entry in the franchise won't allow our impeccable judgement to be clouded (pun absolutely intended) by this "leaked footage" of a new Star Fox game — produced by Platinum, no less — "running" on Wii U.

Whoever created the clip has some imagination, at least. "Eladard" is a planet from the unreleased Star Fox 2 on the SNES, and Platinum's Hideki Kamiya has previously stated that he'd love to work on the franchise. It has to be legit, right?

However, the suspicious lack of any gameplay footage — plus the over-obvious way in which the camera is moved away from the screen at various points — suggests that this is merely an amusing hoax. The copyright notice is also wrong — the Star Fox trademark was taken out in 1993 when the SNES original was released, not 1997.

Unless, of course, this is supposed to be a remake of the N64 game? Oops. There we go again, allowing our heart to rule our head.

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