A new issue of Famitsu has arrived, giving fans of the turnip-pulling series a very brief glimpse at the seasonal changes and two events in the upcoming Harvest Moon title. Short of trees looking a nice brownish-gold in autumn and snow covering the ground in winter there's not a fat lot else to tell there, so we thought we'd go for something much more interesting and share a few choice illustrations from the ten page manga over on the official website instead.

Everybody loves penguins!

It's all business as usual down at the farm - sow the seeds, tend to the cows, improve the house and fall in love with the person down the road - but if the game is even half as appealing as this short warm-up tale of pineapple acquisition and alpaca grooming then we're in for another stellar entry in this much-loved series. You can check out the full comic right here.

Are you excited for Connect To A New World? Can't wait to set up your safari and get your cheeks pinched by monkeys? Let us know in the comments section below.