Here they come!

Genius Sonority has revealed in an interview with 4Gamer that it is hard at work on new content for 2014, and that it could prove to be quite a stern test for players.

The Japanese company — famous for its Denpa Men series — isn't able to give a name to this new project yet, but president Manabu Yamana did say this:

We are hoping to release some software in 2014. I can’t say a title yet, but it is likely to be quite challenging in its content. Thank you for your time.

Yamana has previously stated that his company is interested in developing for the Wii U, and that the direction of the Denpa Men series could change due to poor sales in the west.

Could this title be a Wii U release, or is it a totally new offering for the 3DS? Sound off with your own guess in the comments section below.

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