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There's quite a lot of nostalgia permeating the gaming industry nowadays, and it's made for some really interesting remakes, prequels and tweaks on classic titles in recent years. Games like NES Remix or even WarioWare play on old conventions, while others revel in their pixel art and tradition. Dragon Fantasy launched on iOS platforms in 2011 with nostalgia at its very core, and now it's about to make the transition to Nintendo's handheld.

Nintendo Everything has received confirmation that Book 1 of the (new) old-school adventurer is set to release through the 3DS eShop around Springtime, with Book 2 coming before the end of 2014. As for the gameplay - think Final Fantasy mixed with some EarthBound humour and you're on the right track. It's an RPG full of character, paying tribute to genre icons while offering an experience all of its own.

Previous platforms have included the PS3, the PS Vita and PC, but it seems as though 3DS will be getting a definitive version with some appealing extras. Developer Muteki hasn't skimped on making the most out of the hardware, so the eShop release will feature dual-screen battling, maps of towns and dungeon areas, 3D visuals, and the ability toggle random battles on or off. The latter is sure to appeal to anyone who likes a little more control over their level-grinding.

While we can't currently confirm which regions Dragon Fantasy will be hitting first, it shouldn't be too long before Muteki Corp gives out more information, and we'll be sure to update when this happens.

What do you think about this faux-retro style, and is this one on your radar?