Emotion engine

Nintendo has confirmed that it is expanding both the 3DS and Wii U Virtual Console services in Japan to cover additional systems.

On the 25th December, PC Genjin (600 Yen) and Parodius (800 Yen) will be hitting the Wii U Virtual Console — titles which originally released on the PC Engine and MSX respectively.

On the same day, the 3DS Virtual Console will also receive The Kung Fu and Gradius — both of which are PC Engine titles. They will retail for 600 Yen each.

Hopefully some — if not all — of these titles will be making the jump over to the west in the not too distant future.

Are you happy to finally see the 3DS and Wii U Virtual Console services grow in scope? Let us know by posting a comment.

[source nintendo.co.jp, via search1.nintendo.co.jp]