As 2013 draws to a close some 3DS download enthusiasts may consider Bike Rider DX to be one of the eShop's finest gems, with simple gameplay and graphics hitting their marks and an excellent soundtrack pushing it along further. We certainly talked up its pedal power with an 8/10 in our review.

The good news is that Spicysoft has been in touch to confirm a sequel, Bike Rider DX2: Galaxy; it arrives in Japan on 18th December, but the developer has given the assurance that it's endeavouring to deliver a Western release in 2014. This sequel promises various new features and power-ups, such as the rock breaking Drill power-up or the "totally weird" Frog Rider than can do super-charged jumps; the stage themes are also entirely different, with various new dangers to avoid beyond death pits.

If the first title was perhaps slightly short on features, DX2 includes some welcome extras; online rankings will be included this time around, while a total of 30 extra courses beyond the main Galaxy Tour are promised for those that collect all gold medals and complete challenges. For those that like to test themselves there'll also be a golden crown to pick up on top of the three medals in each course, which is received if you jump only, without using the directional controls. Finally, there'll be a free DLC track on day one in Japan — and by extension when it arrives in the West — with the suggestion that more extra content is planned.

It sounds promising, so check out the trailer below and let us know what you think.