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So can everyone stop talking about 'next gen" now, or do we have to wait for the One to complete the Triforce of systems? No doubt there'll still be talk of "next gen" experiences and bickering over resolutions and framerates, all while Mario casually says hi with 3D World. There's arguably a sense that the more changes the more it stays the same, as Sony and Microsoft engage in a never-ending arm-wrestle while Nintendo does its own thing. Substitute Wii U - PS4 - Xbox One for Wii - PS3 - Xbox 360 and, actually, the arguments remain largely the same.

What has changed since the respective launches of those 'last gen' systems is much of the games industry. Back in 2006 the DS still represented a pinnacle of touch screen gaming, and the iPhone — which would arguably be the prompt of a smartphone and tablet explosion — was still in development in the bowels of Apple HQ. So that's happened, and the three big fish are sort of joined by two enormous fish in Apple and Google — let's treat Microsoft as the gaming division, here, so small compared to Apple — with the difference that the masters of iOS and Android support games in a very hands-off no-buttons sort of way. Though plenty of small and big companies are eyeing the dedicated games market — step forward, Valve — we still have Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft wrestling over a smaller pie than before.

The Wii U has struggled to date, hoping for a major bounce this Holiday, and it's currently unknown how the PS4 and One will perform once the hardcore fans deliver those "launch sell-out" headlines we all love; the Wii U had them too, remember? Perhaps none of the systems will hit the heights of their predecessors, maybe one or two will, but despite the changes in the landscape the familiarity has its comforts. Dedicated gaming consoles still excite millions of people, and the arrival of two new boxes gives us that 2006 buzz again. It's fun, provided silly people are ignored and fans are nice to each other online.


That buzz, which we enjoyed ourselves a year ago, is certainly being felt over on our sister-site Push Square, which is dedicated to all things Sony. There's been excitement over confirmation of Uncharted 4 — don't sneer, it's only the same hype we have for undated Zelda and Smash Bros. titles — as well as plenty of quickened pulses as the PS4 lands in North America. There have been features to look at reader's favourite games of the generation that's passed, an opportunity for early adopters to share their first impressions of the PS4, and the site's main man Sammy Barker has shared his perspective on why greatness awaits the PS4.

So with the PS4 here (well, in North America at least) and the One imminent, it's time to revisit a theme we last raised when asking you about whether you watch rival console reveals earlier in the year. We may be Nintendo fans, many of us, but not everyone will necessarily have or be planning to get a Wii U, and just like with Wii / PS3 / Xbox 360 it could be the norm to own multiple systems over the coming years. With the landscape laid out before us, where does the Wii U stand with you in the new current generation of game consoles? For the record, we're sticking to Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony systems for simplicity, perhaps we'll count Android microconsoles and Steam Machines in future years.

So below are some polls and a comment section, so hit us up with your opinions. If you are into this PS4 launch stuff, meanwhile, our pals at Push Square have you covered.

Do you currently own a Wii U, or plan to in the future? (1,094 votes)

  1. Yep, I have a Wii U already79%
  2. Not yet, but I'm definitely getting one this year6%
  3. I'm planning to pick one up next year8%
  4. I'm not sure and am currently undecided on buying one4%
  5. I don't think I'll get one, actually, but could have my mind changed3%
  6. No way, I'll never get a Wii U1%

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Which 'current gen' games consoles do you plan to own? (1,038 votes)

  1. I'll have a Wii U and get / already have a PS432%
  2. I'll have a Wii U and get a One5%
  3. Only a Wii U51%
  4. Only a PS43%
  5. Only a One  0%
  6. I'll have a One and PS4  0%
  7. I plan to own all three5%
  8. None of them, I don't need or want any of these consoles3%

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Over the whole generation, how do you think Wii U sales will stack up? (1,068 votes)

  1. The Wii U will be the top-seller out of the three systems4%
  2. Tough to say, but at a push I'd bet on Wii U 'winning'13%
  3. I think the Wii U will end up second behind PS426%
  4. I think the Wii U will end up second behind the One2%
  5. The Wii U will be third in sales26%
  6. The Wii U will be a distant third and struggle to match GameCube sales (21.74 million units)13%
  7. How would I know?16%

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